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The latest real estate news and insights for South Florida and beyond.

A Day in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you’re considering relocating to Fort Lauderdale, or you’re just visiting, here’s a sampling of some local favorites to please your palette, and keep you entertained

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What to Know Before You Buy That Teardown

Buying teardowns is trending in Florida. Here’s what you need to know before buying yours. Teardown properties are growing in popularity. They come in all shapes, sizes, and neighborhoods.

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Golfing in South Florida

South Florida is synonymous with stellar, picturesque golfing. Whether you’re at the Grande Oaks Golf Club quoting lines from Caddyshack (the film’s backdrop), or the luxury setting of Fort Lauderdale Country Club is more your game, Broward County has a little something for every golf enthusiast.

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What’s New in Home Technology?

When guests arrive at Bill Gates’ home, they're provided a device that interacts with sensors throughout the house, allowing them to control the temperature...

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Tim Elmes Receives Recognition Award

NRT recently recognized luxury real estate agent, Tim Elmes for becoming a member of the NRT Top 100 Teams in the second quarter of 2016.

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South Florida- Real or Movie?

From the old, genteel classic “Flipper,” to the campy “Where the Boys Are,” to HBO’s raucous “Ballers,” South Florida has long been considered an ideal backdrop for film and television productions.

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7 Best South Florida Markets for Real Estate Investors

Which South Florida property markets offer the best protection for investors?

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Inside Monaco’s Tour Odeon: The Most Expensive Penthouse in the World

While the Mediterranean coastline is not known for its skyscrapers, people are certainly buzzing about the Tour Odeon Tower.

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Buying Property In Florida [A Quick Guide For British Buyers]

What do buyers need to know about the process of buying property in the USA to navigate it profitably?

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